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A Man in a Pen,

A Man in a Pen,

The animation floating pen is a hybrid of two concepts; floating pen and animation. It uses a technique which creates animation effects by placing a special type of picture behind a striped precision screen inside the pen.

It took more than half a year and numerous steps to clear the technical
obstacles to realize the perfectly smooth animation simulated in the
computer model in the limited space of a tiny pen. ‘A Man in a Pen,
Walking’ uses the video-captured images of a real person digitally
processed into a 6-frame animation.

To see the video;

When the pen is tilted to one direction, the little man inside will start walking or swimming from one end to another in a smooth 6-frame animation.

About Floating Pen
A liquid-filled pen with a movable image inside, manufactured by a Danish company ‘ESKESEN’. The floating pen has been a popular souvenir item around the world since its invention in 1946.

How to see the animation


Instruction card (PDF 143KB)

(c) 2010 A Project for Making a Floating Pen at least Once in my Life